Apr 14, 2012

Please help in SAVING MOO!

As well known, I am a full-time working mom. And as such, I rely on a very lovely "school" to help foster Avery's growth and ensure she is safe and well cared for in the hours I am working. It is a lovely place, with incredible ladies at the helm. Avery has been there for the entirety of her life and they have become a second family of sorts.

Currently, Avery's sweet teacher Dannon, is in the need of some help. Rather her loving pup Moo is.

The story goes... Moo was rescued from a pitbull fighting ring at the age of 6 months. She was a bait dog used to train the other pups to kill. She was badly wounded and left without much heart and life. Dannon rescued Moo for the euthanasia list at her local shelter and further nurtured her back to life. Moo now lives a happy, peaceful life with her momma as well as two pup siblings. Most recently Moo has fallen on hard times again. She tore her ACL and without total repair/replacement surgery Moo will be crippled and in pain for the remainder of her life.

Dannon has currently exhausted all options and continues to save daily/weekly/monthly to restore Moo's life.

Please support in spreading the word and donating as you can...



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